Thought for the Day 26 October, 2017

Thought for the Day 26 October 2017

Today, I have been thinking about humor. Over the years I have noticed that the presentation of humor has changed. In the nineteen fifties and sixties slapstick was perhaps the most popular sort and it has survived until today through comics like Jim Carrey. His comedy is very similar to the stuff Jerry Lewis did back in the day. Some of the late night shows of the sixties and seventies like “That was the week that was” mixed slapstick with intellectual comedy and lots of satire. That mix is still popular in the American late night shows of today, but it has been somewhat toned down because today is far more politically correct that before.

One of the types of comedy that seems to be very popular currently is what I call “Dirty Mouth Comedy”. This is, in my opinion, complete trash. It is comedy that relies on excessive cussing and the liberal use of the more crude swearwords. I suspect people laugh out of pure embarrassment. For me it is just not funny. I hate anything that expects the audience to dumb down and this rubbish is about as low as you can go.

Personally, these days, I find very little comedy that makes me smile and none that makes me laugh out loud. I like clever comedy where the comic tells a story about an everyday topic, but does it in such a way as to expose the funny side of life. For me, Trevor Noah is the best comedian of this type, and I like a lot of his material – it’s not really what he says that’s funny, it is more about how he goes about spinning the tale.

I suspect that my sense of humor has atrophied over the years and that my lack of laughter is caused by that rather than to the drop in the quality of comedians. So, for my thought for today, I must attempt to think of something funny. Here goes…..

 “The real Jacob Zuma disappeared a while ago. His replacement is a look-alike, out-of-work comedian whose last gig was in a TV show called “Talking Heads”. The same is true of Robert and Grace Mugabe.”

That’s not really funny, I know. It’s more sad than funny, but the thing that amuses me is that, if you watch these people, it just might be true……



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