The Mutant

The Mutant by David Macfie

Christine and her friend Abby were sitting in a coffee shop, drinking cappuccino, when two guys came in and looked round.

“That’s my brother, Bobby,” Abby said and waved.

“Which one?” asked Christine,

“The shorter one,” replied Abby, who now stood and waved again.

The taller man saw her and said something that caused the other to look at Abby. Bobby smiled and waved back, then changed direction and headed for their table, with his friend in tow. Christine breathed a sigh of relief, because she liked tall men and this one looked interesting.

As the two arrived at the table, Abby hugged Bobby then turned to Christine.

“Chris, this is my brother Bobby, but I’m afraid I don’t know his friend.”

“Hi, Bobby, good to meet you,” replied Chris, standing up herself and shaking hands.

“Good to meet you too,” replied Abby’s brother. “And this is my friend Matt. We play rugby together.”

“Hi Matt, nice to meet you,” said both girls, simultaneously, and shook his hand. Matt grinned and returned the greeting.

Chris had managed to stand next to Matt and she looked up at his face.

“Just how tall are you?” she asked, because he seemed to tower over her.

“About two point four meters,” he replied with a smile that surprised her. “And how tall are you?” he returned.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me,” Chris stammered, blushing like a neon light. “It’s just that I’m not used to men being taller than me. I’m one point nine eight meters.”

“Oh, good,” he laughed. “I won’t have to bend down to talk to you. That’s a relief. I won’t get another crick in my neck.”

Chris laughed too. He was different from anybody she’d met before. She hated walking around with guys who literally had to look up to her, so she liked tall men and she immediately felt drawn to this one, even though he was about a foot and a half taller than she was.

They all sat and ordered more coffee. The conversation began with generalities but, gradually, it shifted with Abby and Bobby sharing recent news, while Chris and Matt got to know each other. The first thing she noticed, apart from his geniality, was his eyes, which seemed to magically change color from blue to green with shades in between. She felt she could lose herself in them and had trouble looking away.

“You’re very muscular, as well as being the tallest man, I’ve met,” she commented. “Do you work out a lot?”

“Hardly at all,” he replied, seriously. “I need to tell you that I’m a mutant. My size is completely genetic without any help from me.”

“My goodness,” she gasped, in surprise more than shock. “Is that a problem?”

“Not as far as I know. The doctors have poked and prodded and done more tests than I knew existed. They didn’t find anything harmful. It seems that I have a modified form of giantism caused by tall stature genes. But it doesn’t end there. My Musculature is also genetic, and I have a peculiar metabolism that doesn’t allow me to gain fat. If that wasn’t enough, I have natural health and stamina that results in super-fitness without exercise, so I could run a marathon tomorrow, and finish it easily. I’m also the fastest runner in the rugby team as well as the tallest. So, I have a lot of advantages resulting from my condition.”

“It sounds like you’re some sort of superman,” commented Chris. “Can I sign up for the program? As it is, I have to sweat blood to stay in shape for the sports I play.”

“I’m not a superman, I’m a mutant,” replied Matt, sounding a little cross.

“Does it bother you that others might feel just a tad jealous?”

“Actually, I don’t tell many people, particularly ones I’ve just met.”

“Why don’t you? And why did you tell me?”

“I don’t because, most people, who know, are a bit freaked out by it. I told you because I was sure you wouldn’t be, and I wanted to be truthful with you from the start.”

“That sounds promising. I hesitate to ask the start of what, for fear of jinxing whatever it is.”

“At the risk of blowing everything, I’ll tell you just two more things. The start I was hoping for was of seeing more of you and developing a meaningful relationship. The second thing is there are some other capabilities from my condition that nobody knows about but me. I haven’t dared to share these with anybody yet and I won’t until I know the person extremely well.”

“How intriguing! A romantic hunk with secrets. That’s a challenge for any woman. Perhaps there is one more question for now. Why, on such a short acquaintance, do you want to start a relationship with me?”

“Apart from the facts that you’re stunning and tall, you mean?” he teased.

“Yes, apart from those things, of course,” she replied with a grin and a twinkle in her eyes.

“OK, here it is. The brutal truth. As soon as I saw you across the room, I felt a connection, and when you stood beside me, I was drawn to you in a way I’ve never felt before.”

“That’s freaky if anything is,” she said, thoughtfully. “I felt the same when we were talking about our relative heights. How weird is that?”

“Then it’s a no-brainer. We’re destined to see each other again,” he replied, grinning happily. And she grinned too.

After that they saw a lot of each other. They trained together, with Matt pacing Chris effortlessly, so that she improved all her times. He never pushed too hard, but he knew ways of strengthening all her muscles. Her performances in all her sports improved. They went to movies, had dinner, took in shows and became the best of friends. But he made no romantic advances, not even a goodnight kiss. And by now she wanted him to, because, she’d admitted to herself that she’d fallen in love with him.

It started to make her crazy. Didn’t he like her enough? Was she doing something wrong? She even wondered if he was gay. He was always a perfect gentleman and he always looked after her and made her laugh. She loved being with him and wanted more. Then he suddenly invited her to a weekend holiday leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon.

It was so out of the blue that she was utterly astounded. Her mouth dropped open, and she struggled to get words out. He just gazed into her eyes and said nothing. Eventually, she got control of herself.

“I didn’t expect that reaction,” he said, seriously.

“You caught me completely by surprise,” she managed, with a struggle. “All these weeks with a great relationship that has been totally platonic and then an invitation to go away together. How did you expect me to react? I thought you just didn’t find me attractive in a man-woman way. I thought we were going to be just good friends.”

“I don’t have much experience with girls,” he whispered, shyly. “In fact, you’re the first girl I’ve gone out with. I’ve always feared close relationships, because of my condition.”

“You can’t be serious,” she scoffed. “Looking like you do and being so charming, you must have had lots of admirers.”

“I’ve had plenty of looks but the girls invariably avoided me once they knew. I must be the oldest virgin in the world,” he explained with a quirky grin.”

“Goodness, that’s hard to believe. But OK, I believe it. So, what brought on the invitation?”

“I hoped it would be obvious. We’ve been seeing a lot of each other and, I think, we’ve got to know a great deal about what makes us tick. I’ve been sensing tension in you and suspected it had something to do with us not becoming lovers. I know that comes quite quickly these days, but not for me. I’ve been scared to show too much until I’m sure I won’t scare you away when I share my other capabilities.”

“I remember you saying something about that in our first conversation. You said you’d have to know a person extremely well to share them.”

“That’s it. Now I think we’ve reached that stage, hence the invitation.”

“What a relief. I’ve been agonizing how to bring up the subject of sex and now I don’t need to. Where are we going?”

“A friend’s parents have a house that overlooks Hartbeespoort Dam. The view is stupendous and there’s a bunch of stuff to do there. The house is comfortable without being fancy. And it’s self-catering so we can be alone together and just chill.”

“Sounds good to me. Now, are you going to tell me about your capabilities?”

“Only once we get there and have settled in. You’ll have to be patient.”

“Spoilsport. I’m so curious, I could scream.”

“Sorry, but I don’t want to freak you out. I’ll pick you up at Noon on Friday.”

He left her then, with her mind full of questions and speculations about what was going to happen on Friday afternoon. When he picked her up, he had bought her flowers, snacks, sparkling wine and the makings of a fine meal for that evening.

“We won’t be going out this afternoon,” he explained, but no matter how she prodded and prompted, he would say no more.

When they arrived, he was all efficiency. He retrieved the keys from a lockbox, gathered the luggage while she carried the provisions and led her to the front door. In no time they were inside where he put the luggage in the bedroom, showed her around then arranged the snacks and popped the wine. They sat on the balcony and enjoyed the view, while they nibbled on the snacks, sipped the wine and relaxed. They chatted easily, but Chris felt anticipation and tension building. Her mind was thrashing with all sort of ideas of what might be coming, and she felt she must burst. He sensed her impatience.

“It’s time,” he, said taking her hand and leading her inside to the bedroom. He drew the blinds and put on the bedside lights, then shut the door. Then he took both of her hands and looked deeply into her eyes. He said nothing and she didn’t either. Those eyes had captured her completely. Then she felt sensations like the song about butterfly kisses. He was silent but his eyes grew even more compelling. The kisses caressed her neck and forehead and lips, but he never moved.

She felt aroused and relaxed into the sensations. Then the buttons of her blouse came undone and he let go of her hands as the garment slid off and dropped to the floor. His T shirt came off the same way and his only movement was to take her hands once more. The kisses began again on her neck, and lips. She felt nibbling on her ears and more kisses on her back and chest until they made a constant sensation all over her upper body. Her nipples reacted instantly, and she could have fainted from the passion that was building. They both still stood unmoving, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. Then their remaining clothes left their bodies just like before, and the stood still and naked lost in the eyes. Sensation mounted over all parts of her body and, clearly, he was as aroused as she was, both experiencing unbelievable stimulation at every nerve end. She thought she wouldn’t be able to stand it much longer. Her body couldn’t possibly take this much pleasure without exploding.

He let her hands go and embraced her, their bodies touching everywhere. The sensations continued, while they slowly rose off the floor and rotated until they were lying horizontally with him above her. He felt almost weightless on her body, but she was aware of all the points of contact between his skin and hers. The sensations and the pleasure grew and then slowly he entered her and began the age-old dance between lovers.

When the climax came it was indescribable. Waves of sensation flowed through her and seemed to last forever. Slowly their bodies sunk down into the bed. The covers moved aside to welcome them, then gently covered them over. She lay, overcome, for long moments, unable to move or speak or even think. He lay, holding her close, and waited in silence. Finally, she felt able to speak.

“That was incredible. I have never imagined anything like it. What did you do to me?”

“I used my mind powers. I’m a mutant there too,” he replied, quietly.