The Felcan Distraction

The Felcan Distraction by David Macfie 

James Blind, the man from AUNTI (Allied Unilateral Nuclear Treaty Inspectorate) read his new-mission instructions to terminate the leaders of two competing organizations in the world-wide nuclear arms trade.

He read the final words, frowned then laughed. “The mission is code named, “The  Felcan Distraction”, as an abbreviation of FelineCanine because the two groups have adopted the nicknames ‘Cats’ and ‘Dogs’ after the animated spy action-comedy movie of that name.”

Still chuckling, Blind unpacked the ‘mission-supplies’ bag, finding plane tickets, a reservation in the Al-Madinah City Hotel, Damascus – Syria, a detailed map showing two locations, labeled as ‘Cats’ and ‘Dogs’, and two plastic containers with a folded paper.

No time to look now, he had only four hours to get to the airport. He grabbed the luggage delivered with the brief and rushed to his car. Eight hours later he was in his hotel planning the foray into the dark side of Damascus. Blind unfolded the paper and memorized the detailed instructions on how to effectively deliver the deadly contents of the containers and then studied the map.

At 3 am the following morning he headed for the first building. It was exactly four kilometers from the hotel. He kept to the shadows and approached from the back where he found the inlet ducts of the air-conditioning system. He put on his face mask and poured the liquid in. It vaporized instantly and was sucked in by the fans. Blind didn’t tarry. He sped to the second base, repeated the process and returned to his hotel. He slept soundly and breakfasted well then he smiled at the headlines on the billboards on the way to the airport.