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Flash Fiction Post 123 – Skeletons in the Closet

Morning everyone. This week I’ve got a macabre little story for you. It deals with the situation of an old man living alone and becoming obsessed with tidiness and secrets. The story is called Skeletons in the Closet. Find all the Messages to Government, Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts for the Day” on Dave’s Blog or Dave’s Blog Archives. Remember that you can now sign up to my VIP Readers’ Group on the Dave Macfie […]

Flash Fiction Post 94 – That is the Question

Hi everyone. The boy is back in town after my short holiday. Sunday was a non-day, recuperating from a twenty hour trip resulting in a very late night on Saturday. Monday was catch up day and today I’m able to write again. First I have another story from 12 in 12 – my entry for April 2018. The ‘prompt’ for this story was ‘Buy or Sell’ and it had to be 750 words long. It’s […]

Flash Fiction Post 91 – Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Afternoon everyone. I’ve told you before that, last year, I participated in a writing challenge called 12 in 12, and I also mentioned that I was going to try again this year. The story for today was my entry for January 2018. The ‘prompt’ for this story was ‘The Bridge’ and it had to be exactly 1200 words long. The story is called Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. Go to the website at […]

Flash Fiction Post 89 – Monster

Morning all. This week’s story is, once again a bit longer than a typical Flash Fiction story. It features a whole new group of characters and I used a prompt to get me started. The prompt was ‘monster’. I didn’t have any ideas to start with so it became a bit of a challenge. But then I had a faint idea and once I got going I got into a bit of a groove. I […]

Flash Fiction Post 70 – Dinner Party

Afternoon Everybody. Happy Family Day. Here’s my shortest story from last year’s writing challenge called 12 in 12. If you are a reader or a writer and wish to have some fun, go to the website at 12 in 12 and get busy. The prompt for this story was “She Never Wanted it Anyway” and it was to be 300 words exactly. It is called Dinner Party. Read all the Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts […]