Social Media

Social Media by David Macfie

 I haven’t been sleeping well. It’s very irritating. Every night, waking at 3am and staring at the orange glow of the clock-radio time on my bedside table. Three fifteen, three forty five……four fifteen and so on until, in extreme frustration, I drag myself out of bed at five thirty. Feeling really grumpy, I dress in the dark and head downstairs to the kitchen. My golden retriever follows me dutifully, the clicking of her claws, the only sound on our laminate flooring. Otherwise the house is silent and dark until I reach the kitchen and switch on some lights. Then, bathed in luminescence, I am greeted by three hungry cats who insistently meow for food. I tell them to be patient, while I let the dog out to do her business. Then, irritated by the persistent noise from the felines, I relent and feed them. Now, early morning duties done, I tiredly make myself a mug of piping-hot tea and sit, sipping the comforting liquid, and pondering my sleeplessness. It has been going on for a while now and, as my fatigue is building, so is my irritation. I need to get to the bottom of this insomnia, before I get ill through lack of sleep. I try hard to remember something about my nocturnal interruptions but my mind is fuzzy on any details whatsoever. The harder I think and try to recollect the less I get. So I relax and think of nothing.

My mind does its thing, while I vegetate and try to build enough energy to face the day. Vague thoughts intrude. My head is full of a multitude of voices, creating a cacophony of noise with no individual voice dominating. I can make out no words and filled with noise I hear nothing. I try to filter the barrage of sound. Eventually, I am left with only one rational output. It is this cacophony that has been waking me……. I remember now. When I wake, in the middle of the night, it is with feelings of panic at things closing in and shouting for attention. I wonder if my dreams mean anything, but understanding nothing, I shrug off this puzzle and face the day.

I am woken again the next night and the next and the next. Each time, I try to analyze the content of the dreams that wake me and, with repetition, the details become clearer. Over a week or so I manage to work out that the cacophony is, indeed, multiple voices trying to get my attention. All of them demand that I take notice and hear their message. And all of them insist that they are the most important. I find myself asking if this recurring dream-theme is my subconscious trying to tell me something. Or, perhaps, something I’m doing during the day, is bothering me so much that I am revisiting it repeatedly again at night. I puzzle through the possibilities. Again I achieve nothing so I place the puzzle in the back of my mind and let it process in the background, while I get on with my work.

Now that I feel that, for the moment, I have done what I can to solve the insomnia problem, I find that I am coping better with the lack of sleep and managing to concentrate on matters of importance during the day. My activities are focused on building my business. I have created some inventory and now I have to grow my customer base. Of course this means that I have to find prospects and show them why it would be a good idea for them to buy from me. I have done plenty of research on suitable techniques to apply and have found that most of them are based on the power of the internet to connect almost anyone to almost any one else. It’s a question of creating connections to the right people, people who would want my products. I now have to work on some of my prejudices, because the tools I have found I must use are tools that, so far, I have avoided like the plague. I’m talking about things like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. I have, until now, thought that these things were a waste of my time. Now, in a major reality shift, I understand that they are the cornerstones of the new way of executing sales and marketing strategies, tactics and campaigns. Of course, they can be used for purely, personal communication, but, more and more, I find that they are fundamental to new business models. So I have been spending a lot of my time learning all about email marketing and about using the new tools to connect with people.

Suddenly, in a blinding flash of awareness, I understand my dreams and my insomnia. The cacophony is a representation of the messages that I must send and receive to build my business. And the reason that it is keeping me awake at night, is my fear of this previously unknown and misunderstood requirement and the infrastructures and tools that I must master to implement it.

My dreams have added a whole new meaning to my understanding of the words “Social Media”.