Angus Logie Rest in Peace

The Angus Logie Trilogy

A Story in Three Books

The Angus Logie story was my first attempt at fiction. Not surprisingly it is a mystery/thriller – one of my preferred genres.

I’m sure my friends and family got tired of hearing me say “One day I’ll write a book.” They heard it so often with no action at all.

Then one night, in 1995, I had a peculiar dream – it played out like a movie and when I woke up I remembered lots of what went on. It sort of freaked me out because nothing even remotely similar had ever happened before. Consequently, the dream stayed in my head until one evening, a couple of months later, my eldest daughter, Kirsty, came to visit.

I told her about the dream and her response was instantaneous – “It’s a sign, Dad. This is your book. No more excuses, just do it!” To emphasize the point she came back a little later with a hard-back jotter – “for character sketches and plot outlines.” I still have that jotter, filled with scribbles and a record of my writing.

This was still not enough – I hadn’t reached the tipping point. At the time my job involved Executive Information systems and I was given a very early model (clunky) laptop for Emails, Microsoft Office and product demos. By the end of the 1996 Christmas holidays I had written just over 100 000 words on the laptop. Then there was a lot of stopping and starting so it took me until end September 1998 to complete the first edition.

I spent the next year sending out submissions (Between 50 and 60) to Agents and Publishers in the UK, with no success at all. Discouraged, I left the book alone until, I was retrenched in May 2000. Then in July 2000, I had an opportunity to visit London. I spent 5 days walking the streets from agent to agent to publisher to publisher. I dropped off perhaps 20 more submissions to agents and another 10 to publishers. I got about 10 responses, 6 rejections from agents with little or no constructive feedback and 4 from publishers. Three of these gave me rejections with constructive feedback and the fourth offered a joint-venture publishing agreement. I was quite exited until I read the contract – it was very one-sided – so I turned it down. After that I started revising the book based on the feedback.

I started a new job in September 2000 and the book was forgotten. The point of all this, is that it is incredibly difficult to get started at writing, even more difficult to complete a book, never mind getting published via the traditional route of agents and publishers. My experiences left me dejected and pessimistic.

I was retrenched again in December 2001 and couldn’t get another job in the IT industry. I started my own property development company and started building houses. My dreams of becoming an author were all but forgotten. I closed my Property Development Business down as a result of the World-wide financial crash that started towards the end of 2007 and persisted for several years. I survived on the rentals from the last of my buildings and odd property project management contracts until that  stated to fizzle out. Then I taught high school maths  and science until mid 2014 when I joined my wife’s consulting company. All of this activity kept me from writing and definitely prevented me from pursuing publication.

The 2015 decision to self publish my books on Big Data was the turning point because now I could completely avoid the traditional and excessively frustrating traditional publishing process. I dusted off my book and seriously studied it again. I decided to make it into a trilogy and named the series “Angus Logie – Rest in Peace”.

The trilogy was published on Kindle during the first week of May 2016 and on Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook in late early 2017. The series is action-packed and full of mystery, excitement, sex, violence, intrigue and betrayal. It is a saga of a family, in turmoil after the presumed death of their father and the strange will he left behind. As the family try to come to terms with their loss and their grief, they are forced to become amateur sleuths to unravel the convoluted puzzle created by the will. Their family life will never be the same again. The series is particularly suited to discerning readers who like an absorbing story that has many individual story lines, twists and turns, interesting characters and surprises.

Endings and Beginnings Book CoverEndings and Beginnings

Book 1 in the Trilogy: Angus Logie – Rest in Peace.

Book 1 is permanently FREE, so give it a try.

Angus Logie, a self-made millionaire, is getting close to his seventieth birthday. For the past few years he has watched his family gradually drift apart. He is extremely worried about what will happen to them and his business when he dies. He hits on a scheme to solve both problems in one go, and prepares his will accordingly.

When his four sons and one daughter, completely unexpectedly, have to attend the reading of his will, they are stunned to discover that Angus has hidden his fortune and created a puzzle for his children to solve, in a search for their inheritance. The catch is that it’s ‘winner takes all’ to the one who tracks it down. Added to the trauma of the loss of their father, and their own personal challenges, this very peculiar circumstance strains their capabilities and relationships to the utmost.

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A Long and Winding Road Book CoverA Long and Winding Road:

Book 2 in the Trilogy: Angus Logie – Rest in Peace.

Angus has hidden his fortune and, in his will, challenged his children to find it. But there can be only one winner. In the aftermath of the reading of the will, the Logie siblings tussle with all of their personal and business challenges and also with the clues from the will.

But, Angus has set a challenge that will not be easily overcome. The puzzle is extremely well devised and the challenge can only be overcome by solving every single clue. To complicate the matter still further, Angus has included false clues and dead ends.

After some early successes, the family experience much frustration as they try to find their way into Angus’ mind and into his game. And other challenges, from beyond the search for Angus’s money, make everything much, much more difficult.

Here are the links for A Long and Winding Road: Kindle  Nook  Kobo



Its All Done With Mirrors Book CoverIt’s All Done With Mirrors:

Book 3 in the Trilogy: Angus Logie – Rest in Peace.

In this, the culmination of the Angus Logie story, the search for the hidden millions continues.

All of the family members experience violence and tragedy as well as inspiration and joy. The competition has reached a second level – a level that will separate the winner from the losers.

Still the final clues are frustratingly elusive. For every step forward, there seem to be two steps backwards.

As the final conclusion approaches, Angus’s true objectives unfold and the Logie siblings find out more than just the location of Angus’s fortune.

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Boxed_set_CoverThe Trilogy is also available as a Boxed Set. (Kindle only)

The trilogy centers round Angus Logie who emigrated from Scotland to South Africa just after the Second World War. In his new home Angus, a skilled cabinet-maker, started a business that manufactured  replica period furniture. His research, techniques  and commitment to authenticity and quality, contributed to an enormously successful enterprise. As time went by he became a multi-millionaire.

Angus married twice and has four sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his second. His sons have all left home to lead their own lives. His daughter still lives in his house, but she is fiercely independent and determined to make her own way. Angus’ first wife is still alive but Angus and she don’t get on so he never sees her. His second wife was killed in a horror car accident.

Angus is getting old and is watching his family disintegrate before his eyes. He also has a serious problem of what to do with his business when he retires or dies. He hits on a scheme to solve both problems in one go. The scheme will bring his family together again and, at the same time, create his successor in the business.

About five years before his seventieth birthday, Angus starts to milk the profits out of his business and hides the money. He then carefully creates a will that contains clues to its whereabouts and pointers to external clues that are also required to find the money. The terms of the will provide that the search will have only one winner who will inherit the hidden fortune in its entirety. The losers will get nothing except their share of the income from a Trust set up for the purpose.

With three hundred and fifty million at stake, Angus is sure that his children will participate.

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