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The Creator’s Egg

The Creator’s Egg Series A Story in Five Books This series is my first Fantasy project. As I’ve said in the About Dave page, I collect Fantasy novels. I was introduced to the genre by my eldest son who recommended Stephen Donaldson’s first and second “Chronicles of Thomas Covenant”. I bought all six books just before a December holiday and was declared “missing in action” for the whole holiday. I couldn’t put the books down and have read […]

Angus Logie Rest in Peace

The Angus Logie Trilogy A Story in Three Books The Angus Logie story was my first attempt at fiction. Not surprisingly it is a mystery/thriller – one of my preferred genres. I’m sure my friends and family got tired of hearing me say “One day I’ll write a book.” They heard it so often with no action at all. Then one night, in 1995, I had a peculiar dream – it played out like a movie and when […]

Two New Big Data Books for Kindle

In February 2016, Dave Macfie published the first two books in his Big Data for Executives series. The books are available on Amazon Kindle. Big Data for Executives Book 1: How to understand Big Data without getting tangled up in the technology. First in the Big Data for Executives Series, this book positions Big Data as a major game changing strategy for medium to large enterprises in competitive markets. The major questions addressed in the […]