The ever-lasting pleasure of reading and writing both non-fiction and fiction

Reading has been part of my life since my early twenties. Before that, I did read, but in a very limited way. I was very studious so I didn’t spend time doing much except sport and academics. What reading I did, was mostly books on nature – animals, birds, butterflies and so on, and the stories I read were mostly on the same topics. My favorite author in those days was H. Mortimer Batten, who wrote animal stories.

But once I completed my tertiary education and went to work, I discovered the joy of a good book. In the beginning I read everything from Mills and Boon to Darwin’s The Origin of Species. I read Scottish historical novels, trashy thrillers, romantic novels by Georgette Heyer and others and all sorts of other stuff.

It was a while before I became more discerning.

DAVES LIBRARYNow, I have developed specific tastes. I collect Fantasy novels and some thriller writers. I still have my copy of The Origin of species and one day I will complete a set of John Steinbeck’s books. Otherwise you can get a feel for my tastes from the image of my library bookshelves to the left. (Click image to expand)

Reading led, almost inevitably, to writing. I always had a yen to write, but life got in the way. My excuse was that I didn’t have time. But the yen wouldn’t go away.

Eventually I did write a book. It was a Mystery/Thriller completed in 1998. I then wrote a Fantasy novel, during a period of enforced idleness, after a retrenchment.

My next job also ended in retrenchment so I started a Property Development Business and my writing ambitions were put on a back-burner. After a couple of other ups and downs, I had an opportunity to join my wife’s consulting company. I was quite happily working on some consulting assignments when my wife was headhunted and I found myself running her business alone.

It was clear that my skills were different than hers, so there was a need to reposition the business and me. We decided that I should create a book in the major area that I wanted to focus the business around. That book became two business books on Big Data, which were eventually published on Amazon Kindle in January/February 2016. For more on these books go to Big Data Books.

These Big Data books were my introduction to self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. There is more, to this story, that you can find in my first blog post here.

Having gotten back into writing and decided that I would self-publish, I was determined to go back to my earlier efforts and rework them for publication on Kindle. As a result, my first book has been transformed into a trilogy, which was published on 6th May 2016.  For more on this go to Angus Logie – Rest in Peace.

I also re-visited my fantasy book and split it into the first two books of a fantasy series. Then I created a Prequel and wrote three more books. All of these have now been published. For more go to The Creator’s Egg.

I will spend the next while concentrating on marketing in order to establish myself as an author. Once I am satisfied with that I intend to return to writing. In the Big Data area I plan three more books – a prequel, a book on Data Analytics and a book on Data Visualization. I have two books planned in the Mystery Thriller genre. The working titles are “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” and “Pilgrim’s Rest”. Finally, I am working through some ideas for a new Fantasy series.