Monthly Archives: June 2018

Flash Fiction Post 80 – Genesis

Hello all. Sorry for no story last week. I have been working on the map that goes with today’s latest chapter of the serialized novel “Forced Removal”. This installment I’ve called, Genesis. Read all the Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts for the Day” on Dave’s Blog or Dave’s Blog Archives. As to the additions to the Blog – I’ve been working on a couple of ideas, which are nearly ready but I’d prefer to bring […]

Flash Fiction Post 79 – What Next

Hi there. Once more this week I have decided to return to a previous theme sequence for my story for this week. This is the third story in the sequence and the stories follow on from each other. If you’d like to catch up on the previous two the quickest way is to go to Dave’s Blog Archives Select the month in which the story was posted and scroll down until you find it. The […]