Monthly Archives: October 2016

Flash Fiction Post 12

Hello everybody, Quick update. Edit of book 2 of The Creator’s Egg now complete. Story board for book 3 in progress. Basic theme of chapters 1 to 5 scripted and layouts for the book and the story board done. Now I’m getting excited. I really enjoy starting a new book and can’t wait to get into the writing of it. However I mustn’t get ahead of myself. I still have one more pass of the […]

Flash Fiction Post 11

Hi, I was talking to a guy at the gym the other day. I recognized him from when he used to jog past my previous house. Like me he’s getting on a bit and has creaky knees from too much long distance running. But he’s still fit and still going to gym several times a week. Turns out he’s also aspiring to be an author. So we’re going to share knowledge and work together a […]

Flash Fiction Post 10

Howzit everyone, I was working on my new book series today and got wrapped up in it so this post is a bit later than usual – sorry for that. But one of the things that I’ve learnt since I started trying to be an author is that I have to be able to multi-task. And don’t say I’m the wrong gender for that. I’m really good at multi-tasking as long as I take one […]

Flash Fiction Post 9 4

Good day readers, I only thought of the idea for this story yesterday so it’s really fresh off the press. It’s not quite what I expected to write but it was there in my mind so it just had to get down into my blog. I don’t even remember what I was doing when the idea popped into my head. Just shows you, if you want to be a writer nothing must be lost. Even […]