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Flash Fiction Post 13

Hi, The first three chapters of book 3 (The Orb of Truth) of The Creator’s Egg Series are now complete. I expect to finish the book by about mid-January. My tentative publishing schedule is a book each month from February to June 2017. I did the September/October financial spreadsheets and I did waste a whole morning at the South African Revenue Services offices to clear up some personal details they are querying. I hate admin! […]

Flash Fiction Post 12

Hello everybody, Quick update. Edit of book 2 of The Creator’s Egg now complete. Story board for book 3 in progress. Basic theme of chapters 1 to 5 scripted and layouts for the book and the story board done. Now I’m getting excited. I really enjoy starting a new book and can’t wait to get into the writing of it. However I mustn’t get ahead of myself. I still have one more pass of the […]

Flash Fiction Post 11

Hi, I was talking to a guy at the gym the other day. I recognized him from when he used to jog past my previous house. Like me he’s getting on a bit and has creaky knees from too much long distance running. But he’s still fit and still going to gym several times a week. Turns out he’s also aspiring to be an author. So we’re going to share knowledge and work together a […]

Flash Fiction Post 10

Howzit everyone, I was working on my new book series today and got wrapped up in it so this post is a bit later than usual – sorry for that. But one of the things that I’ve learnt since I started trying to be an author is that I have to be able to multi-task. And don’t say I’m the wrong gender for that. I’m really good at multi-tasking as long as I take one […]

Flash Fiction Post 9 4

Good day readers, I only thought of the idea for this story yesterday so it’s really fresh off the press. It’s not quite what I expected to write but it was there in my mind so it just had to get down into my blog. I don’t even remember what I was doing when the idea popped into my head. Just shows you, if you want to be a writer nothing must be lost. Even […]

Flash Fiction Blog Post 8 2

Hello everyone, Well the time has finally arrived. The time, that is, when I have to put my money where my mouth is. The next installment in the Flash Fiction series is my own first attempt at a short story. To write it I used Lynn’s worksheet to get started but I had a basic idea already. I found this first story slow going because there aren’t a lot of words to work with. Remember […]

Flash Fiction Post 7

Hi again. Hope you all are enjoying your reading and, hopefully also, your writing. Ok, so now I’ve shared the six example stories that Lynn Johnston analyzed to understand the form and structure of Flash Fiction stories. She used her analyses to produce her worksheet that I shared with you in the introduction to this topic in Flash Fiction Blog Post 1. Now I’ve got to the place in the plan where I am going […]

Flash Fiction Post 6 4

Morning Flash Fiction Readers and Writers. Sorry for the delay in posting the link for the sixth example of Flash Fiction that I have for you. I had some problems with my website and they distracted me for a while. Solved the problems but now I think I can make my website better so I now have some enhancements to do. But that’s an aside so let’s get to story six. Here’s the link. Sorry […]

Flash Fiction Post 5 2

How’s it going everyone? I hope you are getting some fun out of the example short stories. Here is the link for story five. Becoming Normal, by Erin E. Stocks: I thought this story was weird, really weird. And I must admit, I didn’t get it first time through. When the light went on in my head, I had an AH-HA moment. And then I realized that the story was pretty clever and quite […]

Flash Fiction Post 4

Hi everyone, Here is story number 4 in my Flash Fiction series of six examples of short stories from Lynn Johnston’s set used to prepare her Worksheet for brainstorming a short story. If you haven’t got the worksheet or the other two stories go back to the posts for Thursday and Friday last week and yesterday. Here is the link for story 4. If She Were to Lay Down, by Molia Dumbleton: This story […]

Flash Fiction 3 2

Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I’m sharing the third story in my Flash Fiction series of six stories from Lynn Johnston’s sample set used to prepare her Worksheet for brainstorming a short story. If you haven’t got the worksheet or the first two stories go back to the posts for Thursday and Friday last week. Here is the link for story 3. This is the Sound of the End of the World, […]

Flash Fiction Post 2 4

Happy Friday, Everybody. It’s day 2 of my plan for sharing Flash Fiction and, in case you thought I’d forgotten, here is the link to Lynn Johnston’s second story used to prepare her Worksheet for brainstorming a short story. (Checkout yesterday’s post if you missed your copy.) Possession(s), by John Smolens: This story made me want to cry. I mean, who would want to write a story on this topic? However, I thought it […]

Flash Fiction Intro

Flash Fiction Intro Hi Everybody, Today I’d like to introduce you to the idea of Flash Fiction – today’s way of referring to a very short story. Opinions vary on just how short but it seems to be from 500 to 2000 words. I got the idea from a coach on one of the writing courses that I’m doing. Her name is B. Lynn Johnston and, in her own words, here’s what she said: “I […]

Angus Logie -Rest in Peace Trilogy published on Amazon

ANGUS LOGIE – REST IN PEACE In the first week of May, the mystery-thriller trilogy – “Angus Logie – Rest in Peace” was published on Amazon for Kindle. At the same time a boxed set of all three books was also published. SPECIAL PROMOTION As a special promotion the three books are going to be FREE during the period Monday 20th June 2016 until Friday 24th June 2016. So diarize to download the books during […]

Writing for Amazon Kindle

THE JOURNEY TO PUBLICATION Why I decided to self-publish and how I got there My first post on this Blog just has to deal with getting published for the first time. I have given some descriptions of my early attempts at publication in the pages on Angus Logie and The Creator’s Egg. These simply indicate what a ball-breaker getting published, the traditional way, really is. By the end of my second attempt at it, I’d […]