Thought for the Day 4 August, 2017

Thought for the Day 4 August 2017

Today I was wondering what makes the difference between winners and losers. Obviously, being a sports fan, I am looking forward to the last Test Match between SA and England at cricket and the Super Rugby final between the Lions and the Crusaders. All four teams have their share of great players and, on their day, I think any winner is possible. SA and England have both won in this series and the Lions beat the Crusaders last year, when the New Zealand team had good form coming into the game. So what is going to make the difference this time?

I expect all four teams to have prepared carefully from a physical perspective. And I believe the coaches and players will have studied video footage of recent matches to try and assess strengths and weaknesses of their opposition. All four teams have recovered from bad starts and gone on to win. So, it’s difficult to confidently predict the winners of the two matches.

Perhaps England have an edge. They have won both the series in the short forms of the game during this tour by SA. And they are two to one up in the tests. SA played badly in the last test, with neither batters nor bowlers getting into any rhythm. And their fielding was also below par. England, on the other hand did well in all three of those aspects.

Perhaps the Crusaders have an edge. They are seven times winners and have arguably played much tougher opposition from the New Zealand teams in their conference. The Lions have never one the competition since the very first Super 10, where they beat the Reds. And they have beaten what is, arguably a much weaker group of teams on the way to the final. To their credit, they took out the Hurricanes in the semi-final, so they can raise their game.

Once again, I ask. What is going to make the difference this time?

For what it’s worth, I believe it will come down to three things – greater intensity, greater mental strength and greater character, all three for the whole of the match.

And my thought for the day is, perhaps, wishful thinking.

“SA and the Lions to win.”

Enjoy the sport.



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