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Flash Fiction 63 – New Allies Get Busy & The Plan

Afternoon all. I’m starting to really get into the serialized novel. The installments are becoming the chapters for the book and so some of them are much longer than a Flash Fiction story. Please forgive me for that but keep on reading. I want you to get into the story and look forward to the installments. This one (Number 10) is the longest chapter yet. It’s called New Allies Get Busy. Please send me your […]

Flash Fiction Post – Rough Day

Morning everyone. I hope you are enjoying the serialized novel “Forced Removal”. Today I am giving you installment 9, called Rough Day. Please send me your comments and suggestions. Read all the Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts for the Day” on Dave’s Blog or Dave’s Blog Archives. Keep an eye on the Blog. There will be more new things coming soon. Remember that you can now sign up to my VIP Readers’ Group on the […]

Flash Fiction Post 59 Getting to Know Each Other

Hi everyone. Better late than never!!! I have been somewhat distracted this week so my schedule was totally mashed. But I did manage to write installment eight of the serialized novel ‘Forced Removal’.  The more I look at that title, the less I like it. Any suggestions for a better one will be gratefully received. Installment eight is called Getting to Know Each Other. Read all the Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts for the Day” […]