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Flash Fiction Post 109 – We Saved the Best for Last

Morning Everybody. This week I decided to complete a sequence of stories that I have written about Fairies at the bottom of the garden. They feature Tony, a rather shy and lonely eight year old who finds fascination and excitement in nature. If you wish to remind yourself of what has come before, you will find the three previous stories in my Blog archives as follows: Story One – Close Encounter, published in Flash Fiction […]

Flash Fiction Post 77 – Better and Better

Hi there. Taking a hint from my story of the week before last, I revisited a sequence of stories about fairies at the bottom of the garden. The first, called “Close Encounter” was published in Flash Fiction Post 50, published 9/10/17. This was followed by “We Meet Again” from Post 57, published 8/1/18. If you want to read all the stories in the sequence you can find them in the archives. (See below) In the […]