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Flash Fiction Post 110 – Bite the Bullet

Afternoon All. This week I decided to return to my Detective Fletcher character. He’s working on a tricky case so the story is a bit longer than the other stories. Hope that doesn’t detract from your enjoyment. The story is called Bite the Bullet. Read all the Flash Fiction stories, “Messages to Government” and “Thoughts for the Day” on Dave’s Blog or Dave’s Blog Archives. Remember that you can now sign up to my VIP […]

Flash Fiction Post 104 – Future Earnings

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the “Silly Season”, when everybody spends too much money, parties too much and gets to January wondering how they will make it to next pay day! Just in case you have some time on your hands, while you recover a little here is my story for this week. It’s my 12 in 12 entry for October 2018 – a futuristic fantasy that had to be 1250 words long. The ‘prompt’ for […]

Flash Fiction Post 101 – Ignorance is Bliss

Hi Everyone. This week I have been very busy trying to complete the 2017/2018 financial accounts for my wife, Sandi’s business. There’s a lot to do so I haven’t had much time to write. So today, as my story for this week, I have another of my 12 in 12 stories. This story was my entry for August 2018. It had to be 1200 words long. The ‘prompt’ for this story was ‘I never knew…… […]

Flash Fiction Post 96 – John Doe

Hi everyone. Today I have another story from 12 in 12 – my entry for May 2018. The ‘prompt’ for this story was ‘Distinctive Markings’ and it had to be 1200 words long. It’s one of my Detective Fletcher stories so enjoy. The story is called John Doe. Go to the website at 12 in 12 and check it out. Maybe you’ll be inspired to write some stories of your own. It’s a lot of […]

Flash Fiction Post 89 – Monster

Morning all. This week’s story is, once again a bit longer than a typical Flash Fiction story. It features a whole new group of characters and I used a prompt to get me started. The prompt was ‘monster’. I didn’t have any ideas to start with so it became a bit of a challenge. But then I had a faint idea and once I got going I got into a bit of a groove. I […]

Flash Fiction Post 87 – The New Gordian Knot

Morning all. This week’s story is a bit longer than a typical Flash Fiction story. It features my detective character, Fletcher, in a rather different case than those that have gone before. It came from another random thought that popped into my head. From nothing at all I thought of the term ‘Gordian knot’. I couldn’t even remember what it meant and had to look it up. Once I had been reminded it turned into […]

Flash Fiction 63 – New Allies Get Busy & The Plan

Afternoon all. I’m starting to really get into the serialized novel. The installments are becoming the chapters for the book and so some of them are much longer than a Flash Fiction story. Please forgive me for that but keep on reading. I want you to get into the story and look forward to the installments. This one (Number 10) is the longest chapter yet. It’s called New Allies Get Busy. Please send me your […]