Monthly Archives: June 2019

Flash Fiction Post 120 – Bolt from the Blue

Morning everyone. This week I thought about what might happen if a guy had a run of unexpected things happening to him. The story is called Bolt from the Blue. Find all the Messages to Government, Flash Fiction stories and “Thoughts for the Day” on Dave’s Blog or Dave’s Blog Archives. Remember that you can now sign up to my VIP Readers’ Group on the Dave Macfie Stories fan page on Facebook. Look at the […]

Flash Fiction Post 119 – Hang in There

Morning everyone. My story for this week is a mixture of fact and fiction. The characters are all fictional and so is the story. But many of the details are real. All the display teams exist and are registered with the British Parachute Association. The army locations are real as is the process for joining the Parachute Regiment and rising to entry into the Red Devils display team. The story is called Hang in There. […]