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Thought for the Day – 29 August 2018

Thought for the Day 29 August 2018 I’ve been watching the shenanigans at the metros that have coalitions between normally competing parties and the resulting mess leads me to my thought for today: “Can politicians ever be trusted to put the people they serve first?” Some of you will immediately insist that this is a stupid question – “of course not,” you will answer. Others will rush to defend the poor maligned politicians, saying “they […]

Messages to Government Post 4 – Education

Hello everyone. Here is my new article in the feature “Messages to Government”, I am, today, focusing on a topic which is a real hot button of mine. It is a topic, which often attracts much discussion and argument. And it is very visible at the moment because of South Africa’s widely publicized poor performance in this area. I am of course talking about Education. I particularly hope you find my thoughts penetrating, insightful and […]