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Thought for the Day 5 June, 2017

Thought for the Day – Monday 5 June, 2017 Today I have to admit that my thought for yesterday makes me guilty of the very thing I was thinking at the time. You see, I didn’t publish my thought for Monday on Monday, Just as I only published my thought for Friday last, on Saturday. This is really not good enough. If I say it will be done on a particular day then you will […]

Flash Fiction Post 32 – Divide and Conquer

Morning, all. Hope you all liked the cute seahorse picture from my “Thought for the Day” on Saturday. Look out for the next one later today. Here is my new Flash Fiction story – Divide and Conquer. If you have any suggestions or ideas for topics, send a message at Contact Dave. Read all the Flash Fiction stories and “Thought s for the Day” on Dave’s Blog. Subscribe to my VIP Readers’ List at Dave Free Books. New subscribers will […]

Thought for the Day 2 June, 2017

Here is my “Thought for the Day” A young ambitious seahorse decided to go out into the world to make his fame and fortune. He worked hard and saved his money and when he had managed to convert everything into ten pieces of gold he was ready. He put his gold in a bag, tied the bag to a stick of driftwood and carried it on his shoulder. Then he set off in a state […]

Thought for Thursday 1 June, 2017

Here is my “Thought for the Day”. It’s funny how there is never enough time and money to do the job right, but there is always enough time and money to do it twice. I have seen this thought in action many times during my life. From IT projects I was involved in, where the project time and budget was always under pressure even when great care was taken to plan properly. And how many times […]