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Thought for the Day 12 June, 2017

Thought for the Day – 12 June 2017 To start the week, I have a mathematical thought. But don’t worry. If you can count to twenty six and add numbers with your calculator, you’ll be fine. The thought is based on a simple code that I found, where the twenty six letters of the alphabet are paired with numbers one to twenty six. One is A, two is B and so on until twenty six […]

Flash Fiction Post 33 – The Man from AUNTI

Morning, all. Hope you all had a great weekend. Look out for the next “Thought for the Day” a little later. As I told you in a previous post, I’m currently tussling with the marketing of my books. The biggest issue is building an eMail list of people, who like my work and would be interested in buying books from me. So if you are enjoying some, or all, of my stuff join my Readers’ […]